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Design fee Neoclassical Villas 01

Neoclassical Villa design is a villa that is a residential architecture with a garden. There is a large space and isolation from the surrounding constructions. A place for people with money to live. Currently, the special type of housing is high-class, with new money to live. Recognizing the importance in villa design, IDT Interior Design & Decoration Company established a villa design division consisting of talented and creative architects. We work with the goal of bringing a perfect living space for Vietnamese families. The above price is per unit of 1M2 (How much is the total area of ​​the house multiplied by this price) Design Profile: - 3D perspective works - Architectural design file - Profile design structure - Profile design electricity, water - Project estimate The above price does not include interior design The above price is for works with an area of ​​300m2 or more.

Modern TV cabinets 02

TV cabinets and hanging shelves TTV02. Used for interior apartments, houses, townhouses, villas .. Youthful design in new trendy modern style. Is the favorite model in high-end apartments .. MDF material coated with melamine. The distinctive white wing and shelves create an accent for the product. Size: 2.4m long, 1.8m high, 0.4m wide. Products in sets.

Office meeting table – Gray wood grain meeting table

Office meeting table - Gray wooden meeting table with modern and luxurious style. The perfectly interconnected sharp squares create a feeling of freedom and modernity. BH20290 desk is suitable for any meeting room space, discussion room. The table is made of high-grade, high-grade green core moisture-resistant MDF. Depending on the color choice, the meeting room space will change. IDT uses wood grain color in combination with gray to bring a delicate beauty, creating a sense of friendliness and less stress for the space. Brand: IDT Decor Place of origin: IDT genuine brand Furniture made in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Size: Length x WIDTH X HEIGHT: 2400 x 1100 x 760 mm (Can be changed according to separate order) Material: Moisture resistant MDF wood covered with Gray Melamine + High quality wood grain. (Subject to change upon order) Color: Can be changed upon request Warranty: IDT warranty for the interior 12 months of use.

Cluster of 3-person desks – Cluster of iron-legged desks – Office desks

Cluster of 3-person desks - Iron-legged workbench - BNV10150 office desk is one of the modern style furniture. The desk is very important and indispensable in the office. The models of individual one-person tables are gradually being replaced by open-air clusters. Not only makes it easy for everyone to communicate, but also creates a private space for employees. The BNV10150 table model is designed with a modern design, suitable for the trend, so it is very popular today. BNV10150 table is made of moisture-resistant MDF material covered with wood grain Melamine combined with high-grade powder coated iron foot frame. Products are charged in sets, including personal filing cabinets. Brand: IDT Decor Place of origin: IDT genuine brand Furniture made in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Size: Length x WIDTH X HEIGHT: Size: 1100x1600x750mm (Split into 3 clusters). Iron feet 50 × 50 powder coated (Can be changed according to separate order) Material: Moisture-resistant MDF, coated with high-grade wood grain melamine, combined with iron powder coating. (Subject to change upon order) Color: Can be changed upon request Warranty: IDT warranty 12 months of use

High-end art style reception counter in glossy white Acrylic

High-class art style reception counter in Acrylic glossy white- white MDF melamie body. High-class front desk for offices, hotels, apartments, restaurants, shops. Hospital, dental, clinic, beauty center. The design of two high and low levels is suitable for transactions and consultations. With a luxurious modern design, it honors the grandeur and value of the lobby. The material uses moisture-resistant MDF with a glossy white acrylic paint, the body in the counter is covered with high-grade Melamine.

front desk design: size 2m long, 0.75m wide, 1.06-0.75m high.

Front desk design materials
  • The design of the reception desk can be used with moisture-resistant green core MDF material, covered with high-quality PU, glossy white Arcrylic-white MDF melamie body
  •  Delivery time from 14 to 21 days.

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