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The front desk modern

The modern reception is made of MDF with dark gray melamine coated with wood grain color. The counter is pressed by white lines to create a delicate harmony for the reception space of offices, shops. Size: D1,6xR0,6xC1,07mm. Products are calculated by set. (excluding chairs, computers, ...)

Wooden single drawer

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Imitation white stone

The front desk modern 2021

Modern 2021 reception is designed with a simple but very sophisticated design. The counter is made of MDF, finished with fake stone Laminate, creating a strong and luxurious living receiving guests. Dimensions: Length 1.8 x Width 0.65 x Height 1.07m. Products are calculated by set. (not including lights, wall behind the counter, ...) Specially, IDT Decor can make according to the size and color required by customers.

Reception Counter of Modern Dark Gray (Reception Counter) QT11022

Dark Gray Receptionist The exquisite front desk QT11022 with simple design, focusing on high quality materials, luxurious colors promises to bring your space a trendy and modern style. The counter is designed square with high quality MFC wood material that is resistant to moisture, termites, optimal durability, easy cleaning, ... The different color design accentuates the luxurious beauty, the combination of white and concrete has brought a new style to the interior in general. The inside of the counter is divided into different functional spaces such as drawers with drawers for personal items, records, .. The front desk QT11022 is often used for corporate reception rooms, hotels, restaurants ... Dimensions Length 1,8m, 1.05m high, width 0.6; 0.75m (Low table top) to honor the image of development and professionalism.

Crimson Palms Hotel

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