Interior design of a beautiful, luxurious neoclassical style villa in city land, Go Vap for Uncle Hanh’s family.

City land area is assigned the right to execute and build all works, from the rough part to the interior finishing part. Therefore, the owner has the right to design the interior of his villa according to the style he wants.
And the neoclassical style we introduce below is a great choice for the homeowner’s villa.

We read about the City Land project. And Villa Interior Design.

Located in the most high-class urban area CityLand Park Hills, Park Hills apartment project has a scale of 18,088m2, including 5 12-storey apartment blocks with a total of 968 apartments from 1 to 3 bedrooms, smartly designed and built to last. modern.

With the most advanced technical infrastructure and isolated space, residents in the project will enjoy a high-class life with a variety of modern amenities.
Uncle Hanh Villa is also located in this area. And let’s take a look at Beautiful, luxurious neoclassical villa interior design,

The top worship room has bold Vietnamese traditional design.

If you have a need for interior design and construction, interior design of a beautiful, luxurious neoclassical style villa.

Please contact IDT Design us to have the perfect project according to your intentions.

4 reasons you should choose a company to complete the interior of a high-class office.

Consulting team: We have a team of consultants who are good engineers with many years of experience. Assist customers in choosing materials, as well as technical support, color selection and feng shui for your Office .
Construction team: We execute quickly, but no less carefully, do the right techniques, ensure aesthetics. We also have a furniture factory to serve construction projects.
About the price: We offer the most economical cost to our customers, There will be a construction schedule to allocate appropriate costs.
The company’s facilities have a furniture factory that meets the best and ensures quality

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