Interior design and construction of a high-class apartment (apartment) is the idea of ​​laying, arranging, choosing the right style and furniture in the apartment, helping your apartment. become more beautiful and comfortable. To conduct the interior design of the apartment building, the design architects will consult the customers’ wishes, based on which to design the layout drawings of the functional premises, 3D drawings, 2D drawings for deployment. Skill. An apartment can be designed by the owner himself or hired a professional unit to do the design, each option will have its own advantages and limitations.

Interior design and construction of luxury apartment Anh Dong Golden river.

Interior design and construction of luxury apartment Anh Dong Golden river.

The role of apartment interior design

In recent years, apartment housing has become increasingly popular, especially when the increasing population puts pressure on housing. Choosing an apartment building saves land area, optimizes use and is suitable for the economic conditions of young couples. Whether you choose a raw apartment or an apartment that is being completed, the construction of the apartment interior also plays an important role for the following reasons and is in a modern style, or a classic and minimalist style for your home. your apartment furniture.

Optimizing the use of apartment furniture

From the apartment interior design drawings, the homeowner can imagine how the furniture will be arranged appropriately, with the most appropriate adjustments. The characteristic of apartments is often limited in area, only a few apartments have a comfortable area in modern or minimalist style. Therefore, the layout and design of the apartment in a scientific and reasonable way for the apartment will make your living more convenient and comfortable, optimizing the use of each item. Designed for indoor display.

  • IDT Design Ensure aesthetics for apartment interiorAesthetics is an indispensable requirement when designing the interior of any apartment building. The beauty of the apartment will be created in the reasonable arrangement of furniture, creative use of color and light, and promotion of the available advantages of the apartment.IDT designed to show the personality of the ownerOf course, how the apartment is designed will depend on the preferences and requirements of the owner and family members. The design style uses the language of modern, or neoclassical style…. and the beauty of the apartment will show the personality and aesthetic taste of the owner, making a clear difference with apartments with the same structure.

    IDT Save costs when designing apartment interiors

    Most people who buy furniture themselves without going through a professional unit are overstated in investment costs for furniture. The reason is that the homeowner has not yet figured out what furniture needs to be designed, which things do not really need to be used….this leads to uncontrolled buying of furniture, causing a shortage of resources. finance. The professional design will overcome these things, help you save more money, and at the same time do not need to edit many times to waste your apartment interior.

DT Decor is proud of professional apartment interior design service, has designed and built the interior of many high-class apartments.

Our commitment
1. Construction products are 100% correct compared with design drawings.
2. Using materials with international quality certificates, ensuring the health of your family.
3. Warranty on all products for 1 year, warranty on wood quality for the whole life of use.
4. Commit to the best price with many unexpected offers in 2021.
5. Commitment to price support up to 100% when signing a contract for interior construction at IDT.

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