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Beauty spa dermalogica

Choose a reputable and quality spa design – construction company?

Choose a reputable and quality spa design – construction company?

Must be an experienced spa design unit

Q: I am currently planning to open a Spa specializing in skin care, I would like some advice from an expert on what to consider when choosing a design and construction company that is reasonable and effective. Thank you (Phong Lan – HCMC).

Hello Phong Lan!

First of all, thank you Mai for trusting and sending a question about our Beauty Salon column, about Mai’s problem, I would like to answer as follows: Choose a reputable spa design – construction company, quality?
Opening a Spa is a research process, converging many necessary and sufficient factors to be able to build a spa and put it into operation effectively. Therefore, finding a design – construction unit occupies an extremely necessary position and role. Professional Spa design unit not only helps investors own Spa with high aesthetics, unique features, expressing their own style but also attracts many customers, convenient staff to operate, especially, has reasonable investment costs. Therefore, when choosing, you need to pay attention to the following features:

Must be an experienced spa design unit

You need to remember that  must work with a professional design company, even a large scale, which needs to be an experienced business designing for many different units and types of Spa businesses. Professional spa design units will discuss in detail with the investor to unify the Spa business model, grasp the services and implementation process, understand the target customers, the number of guests. expected service… along with many other important factors.

When fully collecting the above important information, the team of architects will determine the number of function rooms, the layout of Spa equipment, Spa furniture in the rooms, aisles and space … to ensure customers both attracted by the beauty of the Spa, comfortable when moving during the service performance, and at the same time, helping staff to easily manipulate and rest to bring satisfaction to customers.
Avoid being lured by promotional and free design and construction units
When you are offered this offer by any business, you need to be on the lookout for the case that in the later Spa design there are many unnecessary layouts or the use of special Spa furniture and materials, which increases the cost of implementation. help businesses increase profits from construction to compensate for the spa design costs that were not collected.

To avoid this situation, when you receive design drawings, you need to ask carefully about the meaning and expected implementation costs for each item, each type of material, furniture… Then, coordinate with the unit to design, exchange and find solutions to save costs while still ensuring the aesthetics.

Spa design must ensure aesthetics and save investment costs. Therefore, when you are offered a free design by the design company for construction, you should ask carefully or calculate the design fee in advance. After closing the construction contract, it will be reduced later, Because to avoid reducing the quality of Spa design
Please choose IDT Company as the design unit for successful Spa business
Letting the implementation unit do not specialize in implementation, the consequences will lead to long-term consequences, directly affecting business results. Because your Spa project will stick with the Spa for a long time, advertising (banners, flyers, brochures …) affects attracting customers to the Spa over a period of time. Therefore, you need to consider carefully before using products from the above incentives to put into business.

Spa construction
With the above sharing, we hope to contribute to helping investors choose a professional Spa design unit to own a satisfactory Spa, bringing more profits in business. If in the process of Spa business investment, you have any questions, arise, please contact IDT Decor immediately, we will bring valuable advice and opinions to help you save money on implementation. , attract many customers, do business effectively.


IDT Company – A comprehensive solution provider for the spa industry
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Description of the design and construction of interior beauty spa beauty salon

Features of beauty salon spa and Beauty spa salon interior design and construction.

Spa is a high-class beauty salon center specializing in providing 1 type of service package, helping to relax, treat and mentally in a quiet natural space. Spas and beauty salons often treat using water, the main ingredients are essential oils from nature. Like Dermalogica, Lorente, Octan

A quality salon spa must meet the necessary requirements of space, light, technique, service, good essential oils… Spa treatments include massage, acupressure, immersion. and mineral bath, aromatherapy should have rooms for each service.

Investor’s requirements
The treatment rooms meet the standards of space, light…
Focus on the lighting system
Ensure enough aesthetics for spa room interior

– Job description of design and construction of interior beauty spa beauty salon

After confirming the wishes as well as discussing with the customer, we will measure the area and ground from which to analyze the actual situation of the work as well as propose the most effective construction solution. In the next stage, the design team will draw 3D and give a preliminary estimate of the design project. then comes the stage of construction estimate quotation

The project owner approves 3D drawings and 2D details, the two sides will come to sign the contract. In the final stage, we will produce, construct and install as quickly as possible.

The steps are always performed accurately and meticulously, but still ensure the right work schedule along with the quality of the project. In addition, customers can choose the form of acceptance of each item or the entire project according to the set schedule.

- The results of our spa interior design and construction project

– The results of our spa interior design project

The space of the spa design is divided into two rooms, including public service space as well as private space. With each treatment package of Beauty spa, IDT Company has arranged specialized rooms with all modern equipment for that service.

Besides, we have also designed the soundproofing area in accordance with our own standards. It is of both areas that always have privacy, soundproof to make sure every conversation of this customer does not affect other guests.

Nature exists in every corner of the spa. Beautiful little cotton pots plus a few colorful pebbles under the stairs make customers feel relaxed. The green corner in the skin care rooms has been paid great attention by us, potted plants with fresh green leaves are placed in a straight line on the shelves.

Decorating with plants and flowers not only creates a space close to nature, it is also a way to reduce stress. IDT company always pays attention to every detail to bring spa devotees the most comfort.

Company specializing in banking design and construction

IDT Company specializing in banking design and construction Is a unit specializing in professional banking interior design in Ho Chi Minh City. With 18 years of experience and hundreds of projects the Bank has designed and constructed at home and abroad. IDT Interior Design and Construction Company sends to customers near and far the professional banking interior design process, thereby helping you better understand each step, item..

1. Service of interior design and construction of banks working in Ho Chi Minh City

When it comes to banking, we often think of the most gorgeous, luxurious and lavish address. The styles bank interior design Design and construction according to beautiful standard models always make us fascinated by their flashy look every time we arrive. And to make a luxurious and luxurious bank, the interior of the bank must be delicately designed and meticulously constructed to suit each space of a bank.

Design and construction of MB Bank Head Office 2

Design and construction of MB Bank Head Office 2

2. The functional element of the bank’s design comes first

Bank, bank office is the place of business activities and transactions, is the face of the company’s scale and brand mark, whether the business bank has a large space or a small space. If it’s small, utility in terms of use is always an important criterion for completing design drawings, performing interior construction and installation.

Good and reasonable functions will bring high results in production and business activities.

We have a team of experienced and creative modern interior design professionals. We will advise and plan in detail for your bank’s interior space, ensuring the best aesthetic and highest efficiency.

Interior design and construction of OCB Bank

Interior design and construction of OCB Bank

3. Bank construction design ensures brand standards.

Bank interior design always ensure the standard and uniqueness of the brand, highlighting the unique beauty of each bank. Combined with it is a harmoniously decorated space system.

Design ideas A beautiful bank, not only makes the first impression on customers but also increases the brand value more and more, that brand will be deeply ingrained in the customer’s identity, increasing the core value.

Interior design and construction of ANZ Bank

Interior design and construction of ANZ Bank

4. Lighting design for bank interior

Room interior design work bank interior design need to choose the right lighting because it will be the solution to create coziness and you can use transparent partitions or door frames extending from the ceiling down to the floor so that light can penetrate your room. The product office is a private space that needs to be designed and decorated with a personal style, very attractive, romantic, modern, or a little fiery depending on the preferences of the owner of the room. . But with any style of interior design, the lighting needs to be chosen accordingly and lights up the entire space when night falls.

Interior lighting construction of MB Bank

Interior lighting construction of MB Bank

4. High quality bank interior design and construction.

With a team of professional architects, engineers, and enthusiastic workforce with accumulated experience in consulting and designing many banking projects or any banking services, products and services. large and small, IDT Decor  furniture will bring visitors good quality products, flexible and creative in design but always go hand in hand with the main idea, offering diverse solutions to suit your needs. meet the needs and willingness to pay of visitors.

High quality interior construction for SCB

High quality interior construction for SCB

IDT Company with extensive experience in banking design and construction

For a bank employee, in addition to professional ability, the office environment also has a significant impact on their productivity. Depending on the industry, there are different architectural styles, but the ultimate goal is to inspire employees to work. With experience in interior design and construction, the article will refer to such architectural spaces.

For the banking system in Vietnam, the interior design of a bank in Ho Chi Minh City requires an experienced furniture company, knowledgeable about the industry, so it is necessary to have the best understanding and choose the best consultant as well. such as completing construction for the Bank. Deliver core values.

The office is the place of activities and transactions of the business, the face that shows the scale and brand mark of the company, whether the business bank has a large space or a small space, the utility Usability is always an important criterion to complete design drawings, carry out interior construction and installation in a way that is standard, on schedule and with quality.

IDT Company with extensive experience in banking design and construction

IDT Company with extensive experience in banking design and construction

1.Why should you choose IDT company for bank interior design and construction ?

  • As a company that creates luxurious, sophisticated and edgy spaces of a different class.
  • The combination of colors, light, and layout space is always harmonious, has depth and is aesthetic and beautifying as well as having high artistic value.
  • There are always skills to help in-depth in the field of arranging feng shui items, fortune direction …
  • IDT Professional experience from which my business has decided on reliable partners, specializing in providing quality, high-class furniture products and ensuring market prices.
  • Working stage and after-sales, warranty and preferential regimes always give priority to loyal customers.
  • The products must ensure aesthetics and beauty and suit the needs of customers.
  • Select the optimal methods in the use of materials, materials and techniques to meet the maximum needs of customers in terms of quality, cost and time.
IDT for interior design and construction of MB

IDT for interior design and construction of MB

2. Bank interior design process at IDT Decor.

1. Receive customer information and free consultation:

2. Preliminary bank design.

3. Bank 3D design

4. Design specifications for banks

5. Estimated cost of construction and completion of the bank.

3. Notes when designing bank interiors.

Currently, when the market economy is becoming strongly advanced and highly competitive, the operation of many banks is gradually becoming increasingly difficult and demanding. The interior design of the bank is also very interested and has become an issue that many banks want.

Bank interior design

Bank interior design

Each bank has its own identity, therefore, the interior design of the bank must also be designed in sync with its own brand identity that will give the interior space a high level of expertise and professionalism. overall, very high consistency in all designs.

The interior design of the bank is similar, the interior design with the brand’s logo and slogan, combined with the main colors will give the bank a more specific identity and be remembered by customers.

Currently, due to the competitive nature of banking activities, banks are focusing on investing in image and branding. Perfecting services and interior design professionally, consistent with the brand is the way many banks are applying. Thereby affirming its stature and brand compared to competitors in the market, and at the same time creating trust and persuasion of customers for their business.

For modern bank interior design, the main lobby space needs to be spacious, airy and formal, most of the furniture in the room is decorated quite simply, usually only including a bank counter desk. Instead, the common space focuses on the use of light and finishing materials to honor the gloss and elegance necessary for the overall beautiful bank interior design.

The design of the bank counter is placed in the golden position of the hall

The design of the bank counter is placed in the golden position of the hall

The design of the bank counter is placed in the golden position of the hall, the counter is designed with an arched shape, showing sophistication and sharpness and advanced for all outside the bank. With a dome-shaped design, embracing the position of the reception desk inside, showing professionalism and dignity while working. Colors are used with warm and quiet tones as the main, modern and luxurious wood colors will support the design to always gain sustainability over time. The counter is designed in combination with the circulation area of ​​all beautiful bank designs, saving the area used for the bank.

The bank interior design needs to be decorated with a few soothing details, closer to the working space by using a few plants to decorate the office interior. Depending on the leader who prefers different types of ornamental plants, trees not only lose their meaning in terms of beauty, but also have feng shui meaning for all leaders.

5. Bank Design and Construction projects that we have completed by IDT

Interior design with many large and small banks such as Military Bank MBbank, OCBbank, ANZ Bank, SCB Bank, Standarchartered bank… IDT Decor is proud to be the leading unit in the field of banking interior design, helping customers You have a unique, modern, luxury space and ensure the unique style of each bank.

If you have any request, please contact:

Office: 721 Phan Van Tri, Ward 07, Go Vap District, HCMC
Factory: Road 23, TX48, Thanh Xuan Ward, District 12, Ho Chi Minh City
Phone: 028. 38942638 – Hotline: 0913802117
Email: – Website: :

Architectural Design and Interior Bar coffee Nou

Architectural design of Bar Coffee Nou facade with modern style with border

Architectural design Borders are very favorite style of our IDT

Thiết kế kiến trúc công trình Bar Coffee Nou tại TP Hồ Chí Minh

With many years in the profession in Architectural Design and Coffee Bar Furniture, Restaurant Repair. IDT is proud to be one of the leading companies in the field of design and construction of coffee bars in Ho Chi Minh City. We provide customers with 1 quality service. Not only in terms of quality, we also offer an affordable price.

Architectural Design and Interior Bar Coffee Nou is known to be a place to shop for bars, and cafes. A place that offers delicious, nutritious dishes. The Bar Café wants to be crowded, not only delicious food is enough. Also the restaurant should have a good service and a well-designed restaurant. A restaurant space is beautiful, luxurious, unique and eye-catching. Will attract many customers, and show its own characteristics. But if the restaurant space is beautiful and eye-catching, it is necessary to have a unique and impressive interior design of the coffee bar interior, suitable to the type of restaurant business.

However, it is not easy to be satisfied by a restaurant but not too expensive. Here, IDT introduces an industrial and modern coffee bar design.

Interior design of Bar coffee

Home interior design

Interior design feng shui family

Interior design for the home is known to be an important indispensable stage to bring a perfect interior. The feng shui family interior design not only helps homeowners get the desired interior ideas, but also brings good fortune and prosperity to family members.

Thiết kế nội thất gia đình hợp phong thủy

Interior design feng shui family

Home interior design principles feng shui

In architectural design in general and interior design in particular, there are always certain standards such as

1. About color:

Choose the main color gamut according to the home house The first thing is to determine what the household belongs to and then look up the colors that are about to match the palace like:

Destiny: White, yellow,

Mo Moc: black, blue, and green.

Destiny: suitable in black, white.

Destiny: red, pink, purple.

Mo Tho: Brown, yellow.

phòng ngủ mệnh thổ

destiny bedroom

2. Towards direction and layout

To decorate the interior of feng shui, it is necessary to determine the direction of the house, the direction of the room, and then decorate the furniture so that it is reasonable in feng shui. Here are ways to determine the direction and layout of feng shui furniture.

The direction of the house is determined to be the direction appropriate to the homeowner’s age. Specifically, for those who belong to the East Four Fate, it will be suitable for 4 directions: East, Southeast, North, South. And those of the Tay Tu Menh group are suitable for 4 directions: Southwest, Northwest, Northeast, Main West.

The following are feng shui interior samples designed by a team of skilled architects. The following samples are decorated based on feng shui principles invite you to consult:

2.1. Living room.

Interior design of the living room in feng shui is suitable for the homeowner’s age, when arranging the furniture, it should be neat so that the aisle is clear to help the fortune. The chair or sofa should be attached to the wall to help create a solid and safe feeling for the occupants. The size of the tables, chairs, and sofa should also be balanced with the lenses to avoid imbalance in the overall room.

Thiết kế nội thất phòng khách

Interior design of the living room

2.2. Work room.

The location of the office is usually arranged in a quiet place to avoid facing the kitchen, bathroom. The office furniture is usually placed close to the wall to avoid people walking behind the back, making it difficult for the worker to concentrate.

2.3. Kitchen.

The kitchen is a place to keep the family fire, the kitchen location is usually located in the back of the house, avoiding under the bathroom. and the direction of the kitchen must be consistent with the homeowner’s age.

Thiết kế nội thất phù hợp phong thuỷ cho bếp

Interior design suitable for feng shui for the kitchen

2.4. Bedroom

The bedroom position is usually arranged in a quiet place to avoid facing the kitchen, bathroom. the direction of the head of the bed facing the age. the door to the room avoiding directly into the bed And pay attention to the position of the window should not turn to the window. If required, there should be a neutralization plan such as raising the head of the bed or covering it.

Thiết kế phòng ngủ.

Bedroom design.

Customers who are in need of feng-shui interior design, please contact our architects immediately for free advice and quotation. With a team of architects and skilled workers with many years of experience, we will bring to customers the interior layout that is both aesthetically pleasing and brings financial fortune to family members.