Urban house design is the design of works with limited width and is characteristic of urban Vietnam. The beautiful tube house designs are always the most searched choice and are the top priority of IDT company and many homeowners today.With plots of land with a small frontage area, moderate size, the tube house will help to meet the basic and full requirements of space and functional space of the family. The design of Pho house has many different architectural styles such as modern tube house, Thai roof tube house, flat roof tube house or tube house in Classic style, Neoclassical style, European style …

Urban house design

Urban house design

Choosing which style of tube house architecture design is due to the needs, preferences as well as the actual investment budget of each family. Proud to be one of the leading prestigious construction design brands in Vietnam, IDT always strives and tries non-stop, to be able to give customers the best designs of tube houses. maximum with the lowest investment cost.

Urban house design of IDT

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Design of townhouses

Design of townhouses

Design consulting services for townhouses IDT company specializes in providing architectural design services for townhouses in Ho Chi Minh City and other provinces.

Living space is an indispensable part of each individual. Currently the design of townhouses and living space is very important to families. The design of the townhouse of the house also shows the style, personality and ego of the owner. The house is a relaxing place for family members after a hard working day. Not only that, the design of the house also shows the pride of the homeowner to visitors to the house.

Know the importance of living space. IDT Architecture and Interior Design Company was established with the aim of bringing the perfect living space to Vietnamese families. IDT Architectural and Interior Design Company specializes in townhouse construction. We specialize in designs with all styles from classic to modern.

In other words, townhouse design is a scientific organization of living space and living space that wants to satisfy the maximum use demand as well as the aesthetics of the person that requires the presence of interior design.

Thiết kế nhà phố hiện đại

Modern townhouse design

 In addition, high-quality designed products must also be harmonized with the feng-shui views of the Vietnamese to help homeowners welcome a lot of luck and fortune. Because of the above-mentioned important role, each customer wants to choose architects capable of working professionally, with talent and responsibility to support, consult to create houses, offices, cafes … most perfect. IDT Design – a prestigious brand in the field of interior design has become a trusted address for wise customers.


ownhouses are the most common type of housing in urban areas, especially in urban areas in Vietnam.

Types of townhouses in Vietnam.

House level 1: Poured with steel-coated concrete or brick, with a period of over 80 years. Use good materials. Comfortable construction.

House level 2: Pour with concrete or brick, with a use time of 70 years. Using relatively good materials. Unlimited frequency.

House level 3; Using common materials, the shelf life is over 40 years.Only 2 floors can be built.

House level 4: is a house without floors. Usually has a shelf life of 30 years.


Wishing to give customers the best service to build townhouses in Ho Chi Minh City. IDT architectural design deploys low-cost townhouse design service as follows.

  1. TReceive customer requests for townhouse design service in HCMC.
  2. Conduct site survey and work estimate table.
  3. Talk with customers about the company’s townhouse construction services.
  4. Receiving design drawing board for townhouses. If you do not have the previous drawings, you can use IDT’s townhouse design service. And you will receive many incentives.
  5. Signing a townhouse construction contract.
  6. Implement the plan and hand it over according to the signed contract agreement.
  • Operations for many years in the field of townhouse construction services in Ho Chi Minh City. Operations 17 years
  • As a leading company in designing townhouses in HCMC.
  • With a team of trained staff. Engineers who love their jobs and are enthusiastic in their work.
  • Used to execute many big townhouse construction projects.
  • Prestige is put on top of the company. Work is responsible.
  • The company always offers a lot of after-treatment for customers. Creating the best conditions for customers to build townhouses is as convenient as possible.
Thiết kế nhà phố tân cổ điển

Neoclassical townhouse design


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    Characteristics of townhouse designs

    – Front area is small, usually frontage area ranges from 4 – 6m

    – The depth of the lot is quite long (usually from 15 – 20m), creating a rectangular plot of land which is quite typical of a tube house, small in width and long in depth.

    – Due to the quite specific area of the land, so the tube house models are often designed according to the height, to be able to expand the usable space, as well as create the best conditions to catch the morning and welcome natural wind into the house.

    Urban house design

    Urban house design

    Advantages of tube houses

    – First: The most prominent advantage of this beautiful tube-shaped house is that it is suitable for the size of families with few or many members according to the characteristics of Vietnamese society. The most common are 3-5 members per family.

    – Second: Design cost and construction time of tube house samples are often lower than other designs such as villas.

    – Third: In case the family can afford to build a 1-storey tube house, in the future when economic conditions can be improved and upgraded to add more floors (for example, from a 1-storey house to 2.3 floor) is also quite easy. This is a great advantage of the tube house compared to other designs. However, to be able to stack more floors, customers need to ensure the conditions after building the tube house model.

    + Build solid foundation so that it can pile floors later

    + Let steel wait on the roof

    + Only flat roof design

    + The ladder is not blocked

    – Fourth: The designs of beautiful tube houses are quite diverse in design styles, which can be suitable for both urban and rural areas. In urban areas, it can create an impressive highlight, especially making the urban architectural space more luxurious and prominent.

    IDT’s tube house design service

    IDT’s tube house design service is one of the outstanding home design services in our company. IDT architects’ designs of tube houses, also known as townhouses, have always received positive feedback from investors. 100% of homeowners choose full package house construction design services, when coming to townhouse design services.

    With the characteristics of townhouses with small facades, most of which only have 1 facade, there may also be 2 or 3 facades, so the tube house designs are mainly designed and estimated for construction, as well as design according to the main area of the frontage.


    With nearly 20 years of experience in construction design, in order to facilitate customers’ reference and service selection, IDT publishes the quotation of design service, construction of a tube house package (also known as townhouses. with specific items for house 1 front, 2 fronts, 3 fronts house:


    STT  Loại công trình Chiều rộng mặt tiền chính (A) Suất đầu tư/ m2 sàn xây dựng(đồng) Giá thiết kế (đ/m2)
    Gói A Gói B Gói C Gói D
    1 Nhà phố 1 mặt tiền A < 4,5m 5.500.000 94.000 128.000 166.000 236.000
    2 Nhà phố 2 mặt tiền A < 4,5m 5.700.000 100.000 138.000 179.000 255.000
    3 Nhà phố 3 mặt tiền A < 4,5m 6.000.000 124.000 148.000 190.000 275.000
    4 Nhà phố 4,6m < A < 6m 6.800.000 127.000 158.000 205.000 290.000
    • The unit price does not include VAT, applicable to family housing. Other types of works for the percentage of investment.The above unit price applies to houses with total floor area over 200 m2.

    + If the total floor area is from 100 – 174 m2, multiply it by the coefficient k = 1.2.

    + If the total floor area is from 175 – 200 m2, multiply by the coefficient k = 1.1.

    + If the total floor area from less than 100 m2, multiply by the coefficient k = 1.4. Area calculation:

    + The covered area: 100% of the area.

    + An area without roof: 50% of the area.

    + The ladder: 150% of the area

    + The tiled area: calculate 150% of the area.

    + For package C design, if you require detailed design of decorative elements (vertical design), the design fee multiplies coefficient k = 1.3.

    Process of designing tube house at IDT

    –- Step 1: Receive information and requests from customers with specific questions such as:

    + Designing tube houses for what?

    + Home design for how many users?

    + Number of floors desired?

    + The functional ground required?

    – Step 2: Carry out a survey of the current land lot status, and take actual measurements

    – Step 3: Quote and sign a contract with the customer

    – Step 4: Sketch the 2D drawing with the client

    – Step 5: Complete the 3D design drawing

    – Step 6: Hand over IDT’s tube house design file to the customer, move to the construction phase if the customer chooses the package design service. Or exercise the right to supervise the author, support supervision consultancy for customers after design service.

    Professional townhouse design consulting service at IDT Design

    In the vibrant and highly competitive market of the current architectural and interior design fields, IDT Design is proud to have been building a prestigious, professional brand for many customers. row. The outstanding strength that IDT owns are:

     – Human resources include architects, interior designers who are well-trained, professional, rich in creativity and flexible improvisation with a spirit of enthusiastic, responsible and serious work.

    – Professional and scientific working process with customers and internal work to bring high work efficiency as well as the best interior design products to project investors.

    – Quotation designed with the most reasonable, economical and competitive price on the market, ensuring the benefits of cooperation from both customers and the company, suitable for many customers from affordable to high-end.

    – Commitment to handing over quality interior design products on time.


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