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Gray with wood grain
light wood grain

Italian style TiVi cabinets 21-01

Italian style TV cabinets 21-01. Elegant modern design for Houses, apartments, Villas, hotels ... High quality MDF coated with melamine. Legs natural oak wood.

Dimensions: 1m8 long, 0.6m high, 0.45m deep

Products in sets Delivery time 1-2 weeks

Two-seater wooden sofa

Natural oak frame material. Mattress D400, high-quality canvas The size is 1.2m long, 0.7m wide, 0.7m wide Product ph63m need time to order 7-10 days

Modern cabinets

Modern cabinets are made of MDF with white melamine coating. Size: D2100xR300xC1400 / 700mm. Products are calculated by set (excluding

Beautiful shelves 2020

Beautiful shelf 2020 is made of MDF coated with white melamine with gentle blue color. Size: D800xR400xC2400mm. Products are calculated