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New Moden black modern reception counter

Modern black reception counter New Moden QTT2171 Reception counter model combined with cashier, displaying cheap products. The latest 2021 model of IDT Decor provided is an architect's design product. Select and combine tones that harmonize with each other. Specialized for: shop, spa, store,   Office furniture, Melamine-coated MDF material black, gỗwood grain, white or Dark Gray. High quality material. Suitable for office reception counters, showroom counters, shops, spas, shops selling multi-purpose table products.

Dimensions 1.6/1.8/2/2.2/2.4m long 1.05m high, 0.6 wide (0.75m low table top)

Product cost per set. warranty 12 months Color, Size may vary according to the reference samples of industrial boards. Delivery time 5-10 days

Desk To Combine Work

Dressing table combined with Smart New Multi-function Modeling. Market Cheapest New Model Desk, Gray Wood Grain Desk BLV1819 MFC An Cuong material, natural wooden legs, used as a dressing table, study table, desk The design is youthful, luxurious, beautiful, harmonious, suitable for all families and offices. Size: 1.2m long, 0.5m wide, 1.59m high