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Design fee Neoclassical Villas 01

Neoclassical Villa design is a villa that is a residential architecture with a garden. There is a large space and isolation from the surrounding constructions. A place for people with money to live. Currently, the special type of housing is high-class, with new money to live. Recognizing the importance in villa design, IDT Interior Design & Decoration Company established a villa design division consisting of talented and creative architects. We work with the goal of bringing a perfect living space for Vietnamese families. The above price is per unit of 1M2 (How much is the total area of ​​the house multiplied by this price) Design Profile: - 3D perspective works - Architectural design file - Profile design structure - Profile design electricity, water - Project estimate The above price does not include interior design The above price is for works with an area of ​​300m2 or more.